13.05.2016: Daniel Chovanec studied guitar here for a couple of years as a child, attaining grade 6 classical guitar, before moving back home to Slovakia. He continued his studies and has been focusing on the electric guitar in recent years. Here he is now performing with Richard Rikkon.

16.04.2016: Ryan Moffitt working towards his RGT Grade 7 Acoustic Guitar exam.

Update 23.01.17 - Ryan has since passed both his grade 7 and 8 with distinction and is now working toward his first diploma!

The "Sons Of Silvester". So called because all four original members have had guitar lessons here.

Sam Dawson (original drummer - not pictured) achieved his grade 8 acoustic guitar in 2012 before moving to Guildford to study music full time.

Steve Graham (singer/guitarist) achieved his grade 4 electric guitar in 2015.

Andrew Bayford (guitarist/backing vocals) achieved his grade 7 rock guitar in 2012 before moving to Thailand for a while. 

Max Colverson (bass guitar) achieved both grade 6 and 7 bass in 2016 and is working toward his grade 8 for summer 2017 with the imtention of studying music full time at university.

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The Shard, featuring Archie Hilton on guitar and vocals. Here they are being interviewed on Beverley radio recently. Archie had just formed this band with a friend and I passed them onto Jayney from https://www.facebook.com/groups/625210724201873/. She gave them a slot at Jaz Bar in Hull and someone from the radio just happened to be in the audience. In the last year Archie has completed his grade 5 and 6 in rock guitar and is working on his grade 8 now. Shard have their own youtube page here: 


and facebook page here: